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Linkoban releases new single

Friday Oct 30th Linkoban will release the single “Hide the Dirt”. The track is the first new sound from the rapper since her acclaimed album “OX” from 2013.

The last couple of years Linkoban has been touring the world. Those who have seen her live, know that her live shows are colourful, energetic and filled with a great sense of humour and rapflow. However, last year that had an abrupt ending.

In October 2014 Ling was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. During 2015 she has been through intense radiation and chemo treatment.

In between treatments Linkoban has spent the majority of her time in the studio. Together with producer Jens Lindahl she has laid down the ground tracks for new songs – amongst them the track “Hide the Dirt”.

“The last year has been the worst of my life. But it has also been one of the best. And that is due to the people I’ve had around me. It has been tough and we’ve cried a lot. But we’ve also had a lot of fun!

“Hide the Dirt” is about friendship. The song is written to that friend who understands you in a way no one else does. The kind of friendship that feels like family. You share culture and visions. And you share secrets and struggles. You are always there for the other person. No matter what.”

The studio has been Linkoban’s safe haven and the music her space where she could breathe. This has been vital for her:
“As long as I am ill I have to write songs. First and foremost not to loose my marbels, but also because I can escape the trouble for a while and just live in my own dreams again. Where nothing is impossible.”

Linkoban has had rotation on Danish P3 and BBC Radio1. She has had songs featured in commercials and Hollywood films and icons like Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang and Boy George are dedicated fans – and now, finally she is ready with new music.

You can stream and download “Hide the Dirt” from your usual online platform – all money from streaming and download will go directly to Linkoban’s treatment.

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